All Things Bright and Beautiful: The Warm and Joyful Memoirs of the World's Most Beloved Animal Doctor
Herriot, James

Bare Minimum Dinners: Recipes and Strategies for Doing Less in the Kitchen
Helwig, Jenna

Countdown bin Laden: The Untold Story of the 247-Day Hunt to Bring the Mastermind of 9/11 to Justice
Wallace, Chris 

Crumb Quilts: Scrap Quilting the Zero Waste Way
Bailey, Emily

Declutter Like a Mother: A Guilt-Free, No-Stress Way to Transform Your Home and Your Life
Casazza, Allie

Forever Young: A Memoir
Mills, Hayley

Sacks, Oliver

A Hunter-Gatherer's Guide to the 21st Century: Evolution and the Challenges of Modern Life
Heying, Heather

Into the Forest: A Holocaust Story of Survival, Triumph, and Love

Once Upon a Chef: Weeknight/Weekend: 70 Quick-Fix Weeknight Dinners + Luscious Weekend Recipes: A Cookbook
Segal, Jennifer

Woodward, Bob

Putting It Together: How Stephen Sondheim and I Created Sunday in the Park with George
Lapine, James

Rationality: What It Is, Why It Seems Scarce, Why It Matters
Pinker, Steven

The Secret History of Food: Strange But True Stories about the Origins of Everything We Eat
Siegel, Matt

See No Stranger: A Memoir and Manifesto of Revolutionary Love
Kaur, Valarie

The Sisters of Auschwitz: The True Story of Two Jewish Sisters' Resistance in the Heart of Nazi Territory
Van Iperen, Roxane

Stupid Things I Won't Do When I Get Old: A Highly Judgmental, Unapologetically Honest Accounting of All the Things Our Elders Are Doing Wrong
Petrow, Steven

Trisha's Kitchen: Easy Comfort Food for Friends and Family
Yearwood, Trisha

Wildland: The Making of America's Fury
Osnos, Evan


44 Chapters about 4 Men
Easton, Bb

The Big Book of Quick-To-Finish Quilts: 54 Fast, Fun & Fabulous Projects
That Patchwork Place

Five-Ingredient Dinners: 100+ Fast, Flavorful Meals
America's Test Kitchen

The Great Dissenter: The Story of John Marshall Harlan, America's Judicial Hero
Canellos, Peter

The Irish Assassins: Conspiracy, Revenge and the Phoenix Park Murders That Stunned Victorian England
Kavanagh, Julie

Lifelines: A Doctor's Journey in the Fight for Public Health
Wen, Leana

The Long Slide: Thirty Years in American Journalism
Carlson, Tucker

Seek You: A Journey Through American Loneliness
Radke, Kristen

Sheet Cake: Easy One-Pan Recipes for Every Day and Every Occasion: A Baking Book
Dodge, Abigail Johnson

Speechless: Controlling Words Controlling Minds
Knowles, Michael

Subpar Parks: America's Most Extraordinary National Parks and Their Least Impressed Visitors
Share, Amber

To Asia, with Love: Everyday Asian Recipes and Stories from the Heart
McKinnon, Hetty

The Weekday Vegetarians: 100 Recipes and a Real-Life Plan for Eating Less Meat: A Cookbook
Rosenstrach, Jenny

Whole Brain Living: The Anatomy of Choice and the Four Characters That Drive Our Life
Bolte Taylor, Jill

Woke, Inc.: Inside Corporate America's Social Justice Scam
Ramaswamay, Vivek


Afrominimalist's Guide to Living with Less
Platt, Christine

American Gardens
Don, Monty

American Marxism
Levin, Mark R

Bring Your Baggage and Don't Pack Light: Essays
Ellis, Helen

The Cruelty Is the Point: The Past, Present, and Future of Trump's America
Serwer, Adam

First Friends: The Powerful, Unsung (and Unelected) People Who Shaped Our Presidents 
Ginsberg, Gary

Forget the Alamo: The Rise and Fall of an American Myth
Burrough, Bryan

Fox and I: An Uncommon Friendship
Raven, Catherine

Frankly, We Did Win This Election: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost
Bender, Michael C

Golden Boy: A Murder Among the Manhattan Elite
Glatt, John

Hormone Intelligence: The Complete Guide to Calming Hormone Chaos and Restoring Your Body's Natural Blueprint for Well-Being
Romm, Aviva

How I Saved the World
Watters, Jesse

I Alone Can Fix It: Donald J. Trump's Catastrophic Final Year
Leonnig, Carol and Rucker, Philip

Inheritance: A Memoir of Genealogy, Paternity and Love
Shapiro, Dani

Invincible Compendium Volume 1
Kirkman, Robert

Journey to the Edge of Reason: The Life of Kurt G del
Budiansky, Stephen

Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency
Wolff, Michael

Linda McCartney's Family Kitchen: Over 90 Plant-Based Recipes to Save the Planet an Nourish the Soul
McCartney, Linda, Paul and Stella

Live Your Life: My Story of Loving and Losing Nick Cordero
Kloots, Amanda and Anna

The Man I Knew: The Amazing Story of George H.W. Bush's Post-Presidency
Becker, Jean

Maverick: A Biography of Thomas Sowell
Riley, Jason L

Nightmare Scenario: Inside the Trump Administration's Response to the Pandemic That Changed History
Abutaleb, Yasmeen and Paletta, Damian

Reborn in the USA: An Englishman's Love letter to His Chosen Home
Bennett, Roger

Sinatra and Me: In the Wee Small Hours
Oppedisano, Tony and Ross, Mary Jane

Super Natural Simple: Whole-Food, Vegetarian Recipes for Real Life [A Cookbook]
Swanson, Heidi

Swan Dive: The Making of a Rogue Ballerina
Pazcoguin, Georgina

Taken at Birth: Stolen Babies, Hidden Lies, and My Journey to Finding Home
Blasio, Jane

Teatime at Grosvenor Square: An Unofficial Cookbook for Fans of Bridgerton--75 Sinfully Delectable Recipes
Clearwater, Dahlia

Trejo: My Life of Crime, Redemption, and Hollywood
Trejo, Dannie and Logue, Donal

The Truth above Covid-19: Exposing the Great Reset, Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports, and the New Normal
Mercola, Joseph and Cummins, Ronnie